Summer Heat

Photo by Fabio Partenheimer on

It’s the Summers hot arid wind that,

 touches me while I adjust my oversized hat,

 the rays of the sun touch my skin,

 sweat dripping from my forehead,

an everlasting thirst that lingers,

my tired body wanders in the sands,

the mirage of options that cloud my vision,

I look up and I ask why?

The Summer Sun smiles and gives out a sigh,

its nature where change is only constant,

the  harsh rays also make life possible,

regulating the life-saving water cycle,

the summer wind makes me realize 

that even this hard phase shall also pass,

not before teaching important life lessons

life is nothing but a series of different pictures!

NB: The poem is inspired by nature and is for the submission towards Pratilipi Poetry Marathon



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