Faith and Friendships !

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My theme for #MyFriendAlexa 2020 is School Days & Musings.    Hence, I will be penning down 8 stories that you can fall in love with and may revisit your beautiful innocent days that were never perfect but were filled with fun, laughter & pure joy.   The protagonists will vary every day to add a little more fun and I have used the most possible simple way of getting into these young minds. The Posts will be like diary entries made by these kids at the end of the day about how their day was (mostly about some very memorable encounters)! The posts will be in the form of episodes as every post is interconnected. I have tried to visualize the world from the eyes of the unadulterated souls. I aspire to pass on a little smile that I can, to each one of you reading my pieces so that I will feel that I was of some use.

*Notes- Juhi who is the new girl is writing the diary entry today!

*Shekhar & Dipankar are best friends and last benchers . They are in the same section as Juhi ,which is Class IX A.

*Juhi is the new girl who joins the school in the middle of the semester.

*Pallavi is a student of Class IX- A and is the only girl who has become close to Juhi, who has newly got transferred to the school.

*Silviya being in Class IX-A is the leader of all the girls gang in the class.

*Sheela Madam is the class teacher & Ramesh sir is the sports teacher.

Dear Diary,

 I finally breathed with absolute satisfaction today. I wrote my final exams of standard IX today. I honestly had no faith in myself that I would ever be able to successfully complete this term.  Joining late in a new environment has its own set of challenges but nothing is more challenging when it comes to adapting to the new people.  Not to forget adapting to each new teacher was also a big event in itself. Their teaching styles, their expectations from you & the way you pick up the subject matters a lot. The first and major task was to understand the complete syllabus and completing the notes.  My class mates helped immensely in this regard.  The guys were more helpful though. Understanding each one of them has been a real task.  I have never learnt about human complexity as much as I learnt being a part of this Class. Each student can be a separate case study! The most difficult would be that of Silviya’s & the most intriguing would be of Shekhar’s portfolio!  It had been a very tough year so far.

However, after an eventful year, today was extra special which I would want to tell you, my dear diary! I and Shekhar had some bitter moments when I accused him of handing me the virus infected pen drive.  The moment the computer crashed & our computer Sir blamed me ,made me sulk like never before. It was partly also my mistake when I did not scan the pen drive. I was in a hurry and it just did not occur to me. The punishment vexed me to such a level that I could just think ,only what my eyes saw. I completely believed that it was Shekhar who had chosen me to play his dirty tricks that he keeps playing on and off with his half-witted friend Dipankar!

I realized my grave mistake when Pallavi explained me the whole scenario.  The moment I realized my mistake, my heart just sank because I never gave Shekhar a chance to put forth his points. I had just said whatever came to my mind and walked away.  I did not know how to face him now. And after that day, I had seen Shekhar in a sombre mood, which did not suit his playful character at all. His laughter sessions with his friends had been absent as well.  Exams were round the corner and I had so much to cover. I just did not have the courage to walk up to him; hence I kept quiet though I wanted to apologize to him.

 But today something happened that made me wonder about Shekhar! We had the last paper of Science and the paper was quite tough as few questions were application based and few were even out of the prescribed syllabus. I was busy solving the solutions when suddenly I heard a voice. I looked back to see Shekhar stand and say, “Ma’am, please can you come here and see? Silviya has been cheating and here, this small chit with her is the proof.” I was taken aback.  Before, I could understand what happened, I saw our invigilator march towards Silviya like a warrior marching towards an enemy. She searched around and without saying anything, snatched the answer sheet from her.  Silviya screamed like a kid (baby goat) and wanted her paper back. But when you have the strictest invigilator, even God cannot help you! Cheating as a policy was strictly prohibited in the school but then it depends on the invigilator as well. One has to be extra careful, when the chances of getting caught are high! Silviya it seemed was over flowing with over confidence!

But it is like a protocol to not complain against your own classmate. And Shekhar broke that holy protocol today and Silviya paid the price of what she was doing. This was huge .Later, Dipankar explained to me as to what made Shekhar take this extreme step. As per him, Shekhar wanted to teach Silviya a lesson for all the vile intensions she had been plotting till now. ‘How intense can he get?’ ,this is what I could think of Shekhar in my head! I could not hold back and I had to do something before the session officially expired. I still had no courage to walk up to him. Hence I just scribbled SORRY on a piece of paper and asked Dipankar to deliver it to him. Shekhar was standing across the corridor. Dipankar did exactly as I directed. I stood at the other end and I was witnessing everything. Shekhar, took the piece of paper, read it and just walked away. I mean, just like that without any expression. I had thought at least if he would give me a stare & that is when I would smile and apologize to him in person. But nothing like that happened. I did not know if he still had the grudge or he understood my reaction as a normal human reaction which was spontaneous. I agree I was very harsh with my words and just could not stop cursing myself since I said all those meaningless words. But when your faith & trust breaks, as a human being you do lose your mind. I was going through such turbulent emotions and I had reacted without analyzing on the day I was punished. But who can act sane, when you have been kneeling down the whole day for something that you have not even committed?

The exams were over. The session ended and now from tomorrow the summer vacation starts. A long period of staying away from the school environment which means apart from doing holiday homework the best part is visiting our grandparents. I was excited because, finishing Ninth standard was the toughest job that I had done till now! I just wanted to rest and do absolutely nothing for a few days. But had I been able to clear off this misunderstanding, it would have been better. I walked towards my bus with these thoughts in my mind.

The moment I went inside the bus, Dipankar signaled me towards  the window seat and asked me to sit there. I looked at him with big eyes, because I knew that Shekhar was particular about his seat in the bus and no one dared to sit in that designated seat. Dipankar nodded his head and just told me to sit. I did just that as I was already lost in my thoughts. I sat there with all my complex thoughts analyzing the past, present & the future. I looked around to find Shekhar. I saw him sit extremely far from his seat in a diagonally opposite direction. Our eyes met for a second and he just smiled at me. I smiled back spontaneously and within a second turned my head to look ahead. My heart skipped a beat for now I have a friend who has both brains & a big heart! I smiled to myself feeling happy & thinking that the faith in the friendship had been restored back.

The bus started off to a thunderous start. I put my head outside the window and looked at the new school building with its beautiful green campus and the massive playground. It started moving as the bus started off on its path. The school looked like a painting against the golden colors of the evening sky. I realized this is when I fell in love with my new School!



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  1. Atulmaharaj says:

    There are these small instances and some gem of people who make you fall in love with everything around you especially when you are at an alien place. Happened to me when I joined a boarding school in 7th grade, was tough to be away from parents but glad that I found some amazing friends and teachers at that time.

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    1. That is so wonderful that you got good company. Glad you liked my write up.


  2. Ruchi says:

    New kids always find difficult to adjust in new environment. Loved how you explained her emotions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Ruchi for appreciating!


  3. Few contagious people end up becoming our friends and if we realise on who to tag along with and make the right decisions at the right time, the friendships and faith that we build with the right people goes a long way… Very tough but the ideal way for having both these components intact

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for stopping by. Yes, I agree with your words completely.

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  4. Huey Murcia says:

    A well made and quality slide board can be the difference between adding an extreme edge to your arsenal of slides or simply staying with the status quo.


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