Fall in Love with yourself …often!

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Hola Everyone,

Long time I have spoken anything from my heart . So, today let’s talk about Self Love. Yes, very common Word and is very easy to understand. A lot is being written about it as well and spoken about it all the time. With the age of technology revolution , the concept individualism has become a part and parcel of our lives. The nuclear family and along with the online education and work from home culture has made inroads into our daily lives. And there is no escape from it. The Kids have to take their lessons and parents have to work to sustain lively hoods. The youngsters have to study and some have to study and work simultaneously. There are many who are loosing their jobs of their own choice and are getting engagements just for the sake of survival.

In these times, that only thing that can keep us sane is prioritizing self love and understanding that it is absolutely necessary to carry on with the daily grind.Few of the below points might help .

  1. Acceptance: We all go through many phases in life . Some are wonderful and some are absolutely low key. Its common and very humane to break down in our difficult times and we all do it. Its absolutely fine but the realization that life is cyclic, helps in accepting the truth.
  2. Dealing with emotions: We might try to hide or avoid the emotions that we go through at our low points thinking that it might break us down . But generally , if we let our emotions flow and deal with them rather than avoiding them. Human beings have the highest level of emotional intelligence and by ignoring the emotions we just suppress the feelings that sooner or later surface in life.
  3. Finding positivity: As the saying goes, we always have a choice. So choose positivity by looking for small things that can make you feel grateful in everyday life. Make it a habit to stay away from downgrading discussions about people or events that do not have any personal link to your life. Being grateful for whatever we have goes a long way in making our lives richer and fulfilling.
  4. Friends, Family & Fun: In times when every individual is glued to either mobiles or laptops and there is decreased human interaction, it is essential to have healthy human interaction. Spend some time with your parents by talking to them in a face to face conversation ( if you stay with them) or video call them if you are staying away. Call up those friends that make you alive. Just chatting does not help. Hear their voice or meet them in person. have those hearty laughs and make time for genuine fun in life.
  5. Me Time: Having said all the above , self care also requires you devote some time solely for yourself. Taking care of family , children , elderly parents or in- laws can be very taxing and at the end mess up the personal peace of an individual. Hence , though it might seem being selfish sometimes , it is absolutely crucial to have Me- Time. Adopt a hobby , be creatively active, read a book, take a power nap, listen to music, do exercise, paint, meditate, take that long pending vacation, eat your favourite snack, take a spa treatment, etc. . Basically indulge in anything that gives you happiness and makes you feel lighter.

So, having said all this I completely understand that every individual is different and handles the life situations as per their own preferences. However , I have just pointed out the broader aspects of how love thyself and deal with pain.

So, the take away point is :

Forgive yourself for making those mistakes, may be laugh on your own self for taking some wrong decisions, amend relationships that are necessary as per you, handle your own ego as per the situation and make yourself a priority.

Go… fall in love with yourself every single day!

Love ,


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