Sliced Piece

sliced white and pink icing covered cake on white plate with silver colored fork

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Her phone rang. She hurriedly picked it up and smiled . His name flashed across the screen. She put on her new dress and touched up her make-up wanting to look presentable yet  making sure to not go over the top. She ran with her phone in her hand down the stairs of her  Working Women’s Hostel. She almost jumped the stairs coming down from her three storied building. She saw him waving at the park in front of the Hostel. She looked left and then right before crossing the road. She ran with all her might. Even  the hectic  schedule of presentations and orientations did not dampen her spirit. His face was all that she wanted to see. Their eyes met and she grinned with happiness.

“Why are you so late. I have been waiting since half an hour?”,  he greeted her with the question.  The smile was no more there. “I am sorry, I did not realize…”, she apologized.  Anyway, this is for you.  He handed her a packet. She opened it happily. A slice of pastry!

“I did not want to bring the whole cake. You don’t like sweet stuff and the pastry was cheap too. It will avoid food wastage.” He said as if he wanted to justify something.

She looked into his eyes. He signaled her to eat the piece of pastry. She did. He hugged her and took her leave. She turned around with the packet in her hand towards the hostel.

She did not want his money. She did not want the food to be wasted. She did not want the cake either or any celebration. What is it, that she wanted , then?

She could not smile on her way back.

It was her birthday!

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  1. Aurora M says:

    What a thought!

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  2. Ravish Mani says:

    Love the build-up and the end. The beautiful part is all the description of running down does not only provide details but emotions are oozing out of it. Beautifully executed. 👍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Ravish for stopping by and taking time to read.


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