Book Review 20- Life in the time of Corona Virus

Life in the Time of Coronavirus by Ranjini S

There could not have been a better time to publish this book as it deals about how our lives individually and as a community changed due to the pandemic while taking a closer look at some personal anecdotes.

Let us know the book more closely.

  • Book Title–  Life in the Time of Corona Virus- Stories of Life Amidst the looming shadows of a Pandemic
  • Author’s Name–  Ranjini S
  • Published by – Self Published on Blog- chatter platform during Blog -chatter E book Carnival 2020
  • About the Author-Ranjini S, born and raised in the South-Indian city of Kochi, Kerala, is a writer by passion. She has been actively blogging and freelancing since 2010 while pursuing a career in Chartered accountancy. She writes about life and its quirks and believes in not restricting herself to a niche. She blogs at
  • Narration:  The writing style is lucid and as it depicts real life stories, it indeed is gripping. The focus on the humane perspective in these stressing times make this book a must read. A bit of use of humor adds to the flavor of the book .
  • Content:  The book is like History in making. It is a detailed account showing the spread of Novel Corona Virus in a global scenario with specific focus on cases in Kerala, which is the native of the author. The most interesting part is the inter linkage between reporting the happenings around the world, the effect of Corona Virus on the lifestyle of people and the personal life of the author. It is so lively that one can actually visualize what is being described in the pages.  The bus journey that the Author took to her home town and the way she was not able to hug her sweet grand mother made me emotional. The suicides of alcohol addicts in Kerala, the deaths due to closing borders on the Kasargod side of Kerala,the vivid description about the migrant workers, the effect of rumors and fake news, interesting use of terminology of ‘Covidiot’ ,the dangers of religious fanaticism, the heart wrenching stories about Covid Warriors,the fascinating idea of global self-quarantine make the book an interesting read.  The chapter on sacrifices in the time of pandemic was my favorite and I urge everyone to read this so that our belief in humanity is kept intact at least in these times. The optimistic author rekindles the flames of hope in readers mind when she wants to live life to the fullest and shares her dreams and desires in the post pandemic world. This is a brilliant take on the otherwise negative situation and I applaud the author for this perspective because there is no life without hope. One of the excerpts from the book  that I liked is given below:
  • Here is a note to you whether you’re reading this during or after the pandemic. If you are trying to just stay afloat,not doing anything productive,eating that pudding because it keeps you sane,not willing to talk to anyone,you are still doing a wonderful job of holding yourself together.
  • What I missed?   I think the book cover could have been more creative seeing the very important narrative that it wraps within.
  • Hurry up Guys… This is free to download in the below link! Click below:
  • Download link for my Ebook- Five Petals:



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  1. Ranjini says:

    Thanks a ton for this wonderful review Chinmayee 😍 Thank you for touching upon all the important bits. I agree. The book cover could have been more creative. It’s something I felt the day after I released the cover.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved your book absolutely. It was like visualizing all aspects. No problem, may be your next book will amaze everyone with its cover and content as well.All the best.


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