Book Review 18- Its all called LOVE

Love is a four lettered word which binds two people in a string, or may be is the cause of separation. It is something that all want to achieve . It is a mirage for some, bliss for others and may be lost chance for many. Whatever may be the case, irrespective of never ending discussions about it, the enticing and exhilarating feeling attached to this word compel us to understand its layered meanings.

The book for review today tries to explore the world of love.

Let us see in closer perspective…

  • Book Title– It’s all called Love- Remarkable Tales of Love
  • Author’s Name- Dipika Singh
  • Published by – Self Published on Blog- chatter platform during Blog -chatter E book Carnival 2020
  • About the Author– Dipika Singh is a full time blogger , author , wife and mother of a seven year old . She has a decade long experience in the banking sector and currently trains aspiring MBAs . Currently she runs a successful lifestyle blog at
  • Title and Book Cover- The Title is apt and complements the swoon worthy content about love . The book cover designed well which gives a warm feeling with the heart symbols on a multicolored background.
  • Narration: The narration is lucid and comprehensible. The stories are beautifully told that can evoke emotions and the reader gets tempted to hop on to the next page without even thinking twice.
  • Content: It is a collection of eleven short stories . Each story is different. But what is common between them is the emotion involved in them. The stories revolve about Love as an emotion. This book throws light on the complexities faced by modern time relationships and how today’s career oriented, busy lifestyles have an effect on personal relationships and lifestyle . Each of the characters have been portrayed with perfection and hence it is easy to soak into the world of the short tales. Simple writing and use of everyday happenings make the stories relatable. How does ego affect the relationship between Reema and Abhay? Does Shalini accept Samar’s advances towards her? What happens when eyes of Vikram and Sunaina meet; are they going to fall in love or is there a twist in the tale? Can a wrong number seem right at some point? Can a post on instagram have an effect on the relationship between Maya and Feroz? Can exes live together, ever? ….. Many such intriguing questions can have answers if you pick up the book and indulge. It promises to make you experience multiple emotions attached with love. It surely is a must read.
  • What I missed? Maybe the stories could have been little longer.
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My Interview with the beautiful author of the Book

Dipika Singh Pic-min

Q-Please introduce yourself.

I am a simple woman with a passion to create a legacy of happiness. Mother, Wife, Ex-banker, and academia who believe in sharing what I learned over the years. I love to read fantasy fiction, self-acclaimed Potter-head, Game of Thrones fanatic, and a struggling baker.
Q-Please tell us how you started writing or what made you think that you can pursue writing.

I stumbled on writing while exploring my passion for reading. Training young minds during my lecturership days, brought interest in creating a few research papers and editing many of those from the students. This gave me a fair idea of writing and starting my blog to begin with sharing knowledge with others.
Q-How has been your writing journey so far?

Amazeballs! If I can summerize in one word, I have had amazing experience of some three plus years. Made many friends, wrote 300+ articles, featured in a few blogger’s lists and won a couple of accolades. Most interestingly, I get an opportunity to learn every single day.

Q-How do you keep yourself motivated to create and deliver?

I am a Leo, by the virtue of the sign, I do not get demotivated easily. Also, following a schedule helps me to deliver and create content regularly. Sometimes, taking a break helps to bring back the jive of writing.

Q-What has been the inspiration to write the current book & what are your expectations from it?

I am a lively person who believes in the magic of love. Compassion and belongingness make us a social species. We have many stories around ourselves, some told and a few turned to dust. I attempt to share different shades of LOVE via this book.

Q-Who do you think are your target audience and what can readers expect from your book?

This is a book written by heart for everyone to enjoy a light, lively encounter with mystical love.

Q-Please share your favorite part of the book that you enjoyed penning down. You may also share any experience that you came across while penning down the book.

For me each story is special, some made to the happy ending and a few into oblivion. But, as I believe each story is worth sharing. I particularly like the stories which are unpredictable by nature, you will find a few such in my book.

Q-How do you envision your writing journey in future?

I am currently adding up more depth into writing by creating stories based on the feedback received for this book. The next aim is holding a physical copy of my book at the book launch ceremony.

Q-Name your favorite authors/poets. Please share any favorite excerpt from your favorite book.

George R.R.Martin, E.L.James, Sydney Sheldon, Dan Brown, Eric Seagal, are few of the names I grew up reading from.

Q-What is one strong philosophy that you live by?

Future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Never be scared of dreaming and what other’s think about you.

Q-Failure is inevitable in life. Have you ever faced it? If yes, how did you overcome it? What has been your learning lesson that you can share with us?

I do not believe in the word – failure, if we fail, that means – Try Again, this time with more determination and resolve.

Q-How has recent pandemic affected your thought process and what is one message that you would want to advocate during these stressful times?

Positive Affirmations – I strongly believe in them and recommend to everyone.

Q-What needs to be done to inculcate the habit of reading and writing among today’s young generation?

Perseverance! There are no shortcuts to success, it took me more than two years to enjoy the sweet fruits of the hard work. Even if you fail, you must not walk backwards.

Q-Please give your review links to your book so far.

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  1. I am honored with such a lucid review, thank you so much for featuring my interview and the book on your resourceful blog. Means a lot 🙏

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    1. It was a pleasure to read your book. Thank you for giving me time. Means a lot. All the best for everything in life. let us stay connected.


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