Mental Health matters!!

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Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing fine! Well , As you would have noticed that I mostly refrain from discussing any current happenings in my blog . The aim was to alienate myself and my readers from any events that may cause any kind of negativity. But today, I just can not hold back. I was in utter shock when I came across the recent news that a promising actor of Indian Cinema, Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput has hanged himself in his residence in Mumbai today.

Along with all the losses and plethora of negativity that we are witnessing daily in the year 2020, this might seem normal to a lot of people. However, this particular news has made me think that the definition of success has surely changed and it is high time that the so called parameters of living a successful life needs to be redefined. Be it money, fame, friends, materialistic pleasures; nothing can guarantee happiness and contentment. He was a fairly successful actor, who had struggled his way to gain fame with many popular films where he acted with finesses and kept his audience wanting more from him. He came from a city called Patna in Bihar state in India and struggled up the ladder in the fiercely competitive world of Indian Cinema. He went through many stages in his development where he started from theater and then went on to act on television in daily soaps. His portrayal of real life characters was admirable and made him get roles in movies . He did not disappoint the audience of the 70 mm screen as well. He gave massive hits and won many accolades as a debut actor. He delivered every time despite having gone through broken relationships.

His identity was not limited to only movies.He was a brilliant student and had great interest in studying astrophysics. At a young age of just 34 , he was associated with many philanthropic activities like education for the young minds, promote women entrepreneurship and provide acting and dancing classes as well. Highly energetic with a zest for life, full of passion and a drive to prove himself through his work, were some of the phrases to describe the actor better. He had even many films signed up and were to release in coming years.

Now the question is what went so wrong, that he had to take such a drastic decision? As an actor who mostly conveys emotions on a daily basis, found it so hard to speak his mind. Why? Why is it considered a taboo to talk about your failures, rejections and struggle.Why is it always expected to put on a smile and brave every difficulty smoothly? Why is it ingrained in every young mind to run faster in the never ending rat race and SUCCEED , no matter what? What is success? What is fulfillment and what is satisfaction?

I think , it is time that we as a society learn something from such kind of losses. A sympathetic approach, a heart filled with empathy, a shoulder to support someone who has had a bad day is what we need to develop . It is okay to fail! It is okay to cry ! It is okay to not achieve your goal( because may be there is something better for you). It is important that developing emotional quotient need to have priority as compared to having emotional intelligence.We need to pause, ponder and be kind to anyone we deal with because we do not know what pain may be hidden behind those deceiving smiles; especially in trying times like that during a pandemic.

Let us speak up and discuss our problems rather than hiding them. Let us pledge to not be judgmental and accept the fact that something invisible like mental health exists and it matters!

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  1. More truer words were never said!

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  2. Debidutta Mohanty says:

    We have pushed ourselves to virtual and materialistic world forgetting the essence of human touch, human voice…..the real world

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    1. Absolutely Debi and this is really a concern that needs to be addressed.


  3. As you have rightly said too much ambition and rate race must be shunned for the sake of mental health. Very thoughtful post.

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    1. Yes, it’s high time that we realise that less is more.


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