We, the butterflies!

Two flying butterflies Royalty Free Vector Image

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Two butterflies flutter their wings,

going from one flower to another,

witnessing them makes one’s heart sing,

imagining how beautiful, is the weather.


We were like them once,

remember if you can and you must,

sure to travel very long distances, never less,

we vowed to love each other and never get lost.


Suddenly the wind blew very hard,

dark clouds emerged from nowhere,

the small winged creatures avoided getting scared,

in an attempt to survive , they flew here and there!


 We too, had faced many tough times,

unaware of how the future would look like,

loyalty was my trait that you enjoyed every-time,

The  very thought of doubting you always made me feel sick .


one of the butterflies made all attempts to save her partner,

she took the raindrops herself shielding her lover,

saving  his own life was crucial & so he became a cheater,

he quickly flew away to a safe place leaving her alone to suffer.


 You and me were different from the beginning,

I was concerned about ‘us’ and you thought about just ‘you’,

I struggled to keep the layers of trust strong & shinning,

you were getting ready to stab me and start a chapter new.









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  1. Sunith says:

    The agony in love and separation brought out beautifully

    Liked by 1 person

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