Lost !

white smartphone
Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com   


She sat in the cafe, sipping her coffee and working on her freelance project. Her concentration was disturbed with a beep in her phone. “Valentine’s Day Greetings”, the message read . It was mid Feb already . It was four years since she had laughed her heart out. Just like today, she had received a message on his phone with a loving message which seemed suspicious. She had repeatedly inquired about it and the question remained unanswered. That led her to keep an eye on him and very soon she had discovered the cobwebs of lies and the layers of deception. Breaking up was the only option left. She got shattered, her dreams got stolen. Just then, the cafe owner greeted her with a lovely card expressing his gratitude towards his regular customer. She smiled and then looked out of the window ;lost in her thoughts ; she wanted to be lost herself and never be discovered !!

May be loosing oneself is the only way to find the meaning of life, sometimes !!



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