woman in a red dress looking at the sunset
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels.com


Sometimes sinking feeling sets in

that spookiness of the dark 

surrounds our soul

gentle breeze blows 

giving a feeling of winter chills

many a thoughts arise

like the never ending clouds 

on a rainy day.


 Everything  might seem gloomy

but that is when a decision has to be made

yes, it is a tough one

choices are always hard

this is when we have to pause 

and observe our own self 

take an outsider perspective

pause , may be

but never give up seeing the bigger picture

Hope has its wings hidden

it takes flight only when the desire is strong.


It is okay to discuss

and if need be, seek help

none of us are alone

we all err, small or big

we all get less than what we deserve

we all face betrayal

come across bad company

feel lonely

get trapped

at some point in time in our life


shame will not save us

self love is important not only for us 

We have to live for others and

make others living a little easier

but may be this will start with forgiving ourselves

taking a vow to hope for the best

and aim for the moon

but feel content if we end up with stars.


With love,


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