Q for Quiet!

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Qasim was the youngest child of Mr. Khan. Unlike his elder brothers, he was a very slow kid. Delayed brain development led to this kind of behaviour. His parents were worried. Most of the time he would sit quietly and keenly observe every one’s activities.

Then he went to school and his parents thought every thing would change but alas he was always quiet and had almost no friends except that he and Arjun were good friends. Arjun was a normal student but it was only him with whom Qasim was comfortable. They were best friends. Arjun would always say that Qasim knew about everything. Everyone laughed listening to this because his score cards said otherwise.

Time passed by and Qasim came to be known as the average student who gets lost in the crowd. He never received any awards nor was he ever recognised. His brothers were very aggressive in everything. They excelled in sports and studies. Qasim’s parents were always very worried for their youngest child.

Qasim loved science as a subject. But more than scoring marks he would concentrate on knowing facts. That irritated his parents and teachers who failed to motivate him to score better. Qasim either spoke with Arjun, or read books or spent time on his laptop quietly . He hardly spoke about his feelings with anyone else. Even his mother found it difficult to understand his thoughts. However he loved spending time in his laboratories doing experiments. He used to be so engrossed in his projects that he would skip doing his homeworks and get punished for the same. Inspite of many warnings from the school teachers he hardly changed his behaviour.

His parents and teachers had almost given up on him when one fine morning a letter arrived from IIT kharagpur for an internship program in which Qasim had been selected. After reading it his parents were spell bound. His project work on ‘ways to minimise radio active waste in and around a Nuclear power plant and pave the way for a green environment’ was selected for the entry towards the internship program. A cheque of Rs 25000/- was also there as a token of appreciation.

Qasim had made his family and school both proud in a very unexpected manner. That day, Qasim, the quiet boy had made an achievement and soon became the loudest possible talk of the town.

Being Quiet doesn’t mean having a quiet mind. Many successful people sometimes having the most active brains appear very quiet from outside.

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  1. Deboshree says:

    Fabulous piece! A perfect comeback to all those who equate “shyness” and introversion with being slow and, somehow, inadequate.

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    1. Thank you Deboshree 🤗.
      Happy that you liked the attempt.


  2. I had a classmate in grad school like this. He would only do research in his lab and was a genius. But he would neither talk to anyone nor study anything except Chemistry

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