F for Facebook

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Fareeda was a lone child and was pampered by her parents. At the age of 11, she was child who had unmatchable energy. Going to school and after doing her homework, going off to play were her most important tasks in her life. It seemed that whenever she played, the clock would run faster and before she would realise what was fun, it would be time to go home again. She looked at God and complained that why was he so merciless towards her. As per her, her parents were very lazy because they never played like her. Playing games was very important for her as she laughed her heart out during such sessions. She wondered what it was like to be a grown up. She had never seen any grown up play like her.

Like every other day, after coming from school she decided to go out to play. But her mother restricted her to go out to play. This was because some of their relatives were expected to come home. Fareeda was sad and angry. How could her mother not understand her feelings about going to play. But could not do anything about it. Hesitantly she stayed back but promised that she would somehow make up to the loss.

Next day after returning from school she went out to play and while it was time to return to home, she urged everyone to stay longer. Some of her friends stayed back for few minutes but then soon they were all gone one by one. However, Fareeda was not ready to leave. She was adamant to play more.

She was only a child who believed that world is as innocent as her thoughts. From a distance, some of the people were noticing this and when Fareeda was alone lured her into their company by pretending to become her friends. They told her to take her to a bigger playgrounds where she could find more toys. Fareeda agreed and accompanied them.

While in bike, Fareeda’s school peon saw her with the company of unknown men and took a snap of her along with the bike and the number plate. He was scared to go to the police station. Hence he quickly rang up Fareeda’s parents to report the issue. Simultaneously he posted the pictures on the Facebook and shared it aggressively .

By the time Fareeda’s parents had returned from the police station after registering a missing complaint,that they received a phone call from an unknown number saying that their daughter was seen near the railway station. Within few hours, Fareeda was tracked down and rescued. It was a gang of child traffickers who were always in search of such innocent children.

Fareeda’s parents thought it to be a miracle to get back their child unharmed. All this was possible due to the quick action of the school peon and of course, Facebook!

Social media platforms have enormous potential. It is only us who need to decide how to use it. Love or hate is after all in our own hands!

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  1. Social media, if used responsibly could turn out to be a game changer. Unfortunately, people consider it a medium to spread negative things. Well written

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